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Orbit Flight

Orbit flight mode allows the user to fly the H520 in a circular path with the camera pointed at the center of the orbit. This is ideal for circling towers, statues, buildings, or other objects that require equidistant image capture. This feature may be used

following (or prior to) a Survey mission as an alternative to automated oblique flights, or for capturing ideal circular flights around an object without setting up an automated flight path.

Executing Orbit Flight:

The Orbit feature is found on the primary video screen (it is not part of the mission planning window).

While the H520 is in flight and the ST16S displaying VIDEO, tap the center point of the desired orbit. Input the radius, and execute the mission. The camera on the H520 will center on the point of orbit during the flight, automatically setting pitch to the

center point. The Orbit function is an excellent feature to capture oblique images for 3D modelling.

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