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3D mapping via drone

Fast, accurate and easy: Drones revolutionize digital surveying and construction technology. The commercial H520 Hexacopter and the Pix4Dcapture app, designed specifically for the H520, allow authorities with security tasks, civil engineers and surveying technicians to collect high-precision and georeferenced image data for creating 3D models.

Free download

Available on the Google Play Store, the free H520 Pix4Dcapture app not only makes it easier for users to plan their mission, but also captures images and data in an ideal way for further processing with the Pix4D software suite. By integrating the app into the ST16S remote control, Copter and Pix4Dcapture software are interconnected without the use of third-party devices. This combination allows for a completely smooth mission planning and execution. The Pix4Dcapture app currently only supports the E90 camera for the H520.

Learn more about how to install Pix4Dcapture onto your ST16S   

Application areas

The H520 Pix4D solution's precise details allow police forces to create true-to-detail 3D crime scene recordings, engineers to create realistic 3D building models, or rescue personnel to make full-scale 1:1 maps of a disaster situation. The entire range of further processing ranges from high-resolution and georeferenced orthophotos to surface models and textured 3D models to point clouds.

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