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Task modes Breeze 4K

How do the task modes work?

Pilot: In Pilot mode you have total control over the Breeze and can manually steer it using your virtual control sticks or by tilting your smart device like an ordinary RC model.

Selfie: In Selfie mode anyone can position the drone even without prior flight experience. Simply use the sliders in the app to adjust the distance and altitude – you’re ready to go. Say Breeeeeze. 

Orbit: In Orbit mode you can easily task the Breeze to orbit around you or another object. The flight can be paused at any time.

Journey: In Journey mode the Breeze flies slowly away from you. You remain in the picture the entire time. It then takes the same path back to you.

Follow Me: In Follow Me mode you fly the Breeze manually to the desired height and distance you want the drone to follow you from. The Breeze will then follow your every move (or that of your smartphone).

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